License Agreement

Please read this agreement in its entirety as it details the relationship between you ("the applicant"), the company with which you are applying ("the company"), and When you are done reading the agreement, you may close this window.

Applicant Agrees that:
  • By signing up with and receiving a login and password the applicant agrees to the license agreement and privacy statement.
  • By submitting any portion of the assessment process, the applicant is considered to be applying for potential employment with the company.
  • All information provided will be true and accurate to the best of the applicant's knowledge.
  • All information provided may be shared by to the company.
  • only provides the service of online skills assessment and does NOT assess the applicant's suitability for employment nor make any recommendations about employment decisions made by the company.
The Company Agrees to:
  • Consider each applicant individually based on the information provided in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • Provide feedback to each applicant, either automatically through the skills assessment process or by other means such as e-mail or phone. Agrees to:
  • Provide an online resource for the company to evaluate applicants' skills for potential employment.
  • Provide technical support to assist applicants through the skills assessment process.